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Overview Switch modules

Switch moduler

Configurator module

The Switch Configurator Module allows you to integrate external applications (such as Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, HP Indigo, PitStop Server…) into your Switch flows, in order to further automate complex workflows.

There are many integrations available for a variety of applications areas, e.g. preflight, imposition, color management, ripping, proofing, image optimization, document archiving, etc.


Metadate module

The Switch Metadata module enhances the use of metadata in Switchflows. In addition to Switch specific metadata, it gives access to other types of metadata originating from other applications or stored in other formats that are common in the graphic arts industry.

What is metadata?

Metadata is information about the file you are processing, such as its size, creation date, number of pages, paper type and author.

Metadata can also be available in two forms: it can be part of the file itself or it can be in a separate file, usually XML.


Scripting module

Integrate your self-made Visual basic scripts, Javascripts or AppleScripts.


Client module

Allow users to access Switch remotely.


Database module

The Switch Database module provides a direct ODBC communicationbetween any SQL datasource and Switch without the need for additional scripting.

Take advantage of customer and job information residing in your estimating and scheduling system to automate tasks and eliminate redundant data entry.

Two-way communication

It’s also possible to update the information in your database from within Switch to store information obtained in the workflow, such as notifications that the job is complete or to save the preflight status.


PDF Review module

The PDF Review module is a simple, yet powerful PDF approval tool. It is designed to automate and replace manual email soft proofing.

  • No more fiddling with PDFs for email
    The PDF file is uploaded to a web server and streamed to your customer. That way, you don’t need to save low-resolution versions in order to send them via email.
  • 100% correct PDF viewing
    No need to worry about overprint settings and client software. The PDF Review Module guarantees correct viewing of the file as you intended it to look.
  • No software needed for viewing
    The interface is browser based and the PDF file is streamed to the user.
  • No user management what so ever
    The PDF Review Module generates a unique URL which is sent via email. Your end user only needs to click the link in the email to access the interface and approve the PDF.


Web services module

Ensure network security and business continuity.


Reporting module

The Switch Reporting Module allows you to build custom dashboardsto visualize your production.

This provides you an in-depth view of your live production.

  • At each stage of the production workflow, job files can be monitored, in detail, via a fully customizable dashboard.
  • At any given moment, the company can quickly locate jobs and pinpoint bottlenecks.
  • Furthermore, the module also stores historical data for future reference, enabling continuous improvement and efficiency of the entire production.

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