Mellow Colour RabbitScanner – 40″

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RabbitScanner – 40″


Speed up make ready time & reduce waste

Speeding up make ready times and reducing waste is something that has become increasingly important to printers as run lengths become increasingly shorter. This, combined with expectations of standardised colour appearance have put economic pressures on printers worldwide. An effcient process relies on investment in technology, automation and training.

One of the most cost effective ways of improving press utilisation is to invest in press measuring equipment. However not all printers require or can afford the high performance strip scanning instruments such as the excellent XRite Intellitrax and the Techkon SpectroDrive.

In response to this requirement Mellow Colour have developed the Rabbit Scanner. It’s fast, affordable and will reduce a typical make ready time by about ten minutes.

Mellow Colour RabbitScanner - 40"


The Rabbit Scanner scans strips patch sizes down to 5mm and has the accuracy of the XRite EyeOne. The simple Mellow Colour FlatLine software displays ink key adjustment to achieve Standard or MinDelta Densities, plus DeltaE at each ink key – additional reports are available for ISO 12647 compliance, Grey balance, Special Colour and Dot gain analysis.

The Rabbit scanner is available in widths to suite all popular printing machines including:

Rabbit Scanner-20

Rabbit Scanner-30

Rabbit Scanner-40


Benefits of RabbitScanner

  • Simple to operate
  • Fast & affordable
  • Reduced waste
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easy to read reports


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Mellow Colour RabbitScanner - 40"



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