Mellow Colour ImpressionProof

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PDF based colour confirmation and remote print

PDF based colour confirmation and remote print approval are now possible thanks to a new colour management technology.

For clients who require visual confirmation of how a job is printing without leaving their office – ImpressionProof is the ideal tool. Built with Adobe technology so that colour fidelity is assured.

Conformance Reports and special colour definitions are shared between printers and clients via the MellowCloud server. CMYK and any number of spot or special colours are supported.


Mellow Colour ImpressionProof



On screen visual comparison between target and actual colour appearance is displayed along with target and actual Lab numbers and DeltaE’s using the press ready PDF file. Correction for different substrates is available so that the influence of non-standard substrates can be visually accessed.

If you are a printer wishing to improve productivity or a client wishing to improve consistency and cycle times – Mellow Colour ImpressionProof is the perfect solution.


Benefits of ImpressionProof

  • Faster make ready times
  • Reduced waste
  • Remote customer approval
  • Reduced work in progress
  • CMYK and Special colour support
  • For client remote colour approval, a high specification calibrated screen is recommended along with the PrintSpec ImpressionProof module.


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Mellow Colour ImpressionProof


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