The secret of the highly creative thinker

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Forfatter:Dorte Nielsen og Sarah Thurber
Omfang:192 sider
Sideformat:16 x 24 cm


– how to make connections others don’t!

Creative people are good at seeing connections. By enhancing your ability to see connections, you can enhance your creativity.

Supported by the latest neuroscience, this book gives you hands-on advice on how to enhance your own creativity. You will find it an inspiring combination of theory, techniques, anecdotes and exercises to help you access better ideas and bigger breakthroughs.

This book gives you

  • Insights into how highly creative people think
  • The latest findings in neuroscience on connection making
  • Training to help you make connections others don’t
  • A boot camp with 21 creativity exercises



Anmelderne skrev:

“Love the book. Terrific work. An excellent idea and a great contribution to our field. It was such a pleasure to read.”

– Dr. Gerard Puccio, Director of the International Center for Studies in Creativity


“Guess what? The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker isn’t a secret any more. Nielsen and Thurber have spilled the beans. Bravo!”

– Tim Hurson, author of Think Better