Composing Colors

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Forfatter:Kay Werner Schmidt
Omfang:192 sider
Sideformat:24,5 x 16,5 cm


Har du svært ved at sætte farver sammen?

CMYK Guide Composing Colors gør dig bedre til at sammensætte farver og farvepaletter – også til de krævende opgaver.

In your creative work with colors it is a huge advantage to have various systems to work from. When you need more than one color palette for bigger jobs the book shows examples of work methods.


Composing Colors

In the beginning of the book the examples shown supply you with descriptions of how the color palettes are created. Later on you only have to see and thereby get inspired to dive into matters yourself and develop your own methods.
Kay Werner Schmidt is educated at The Graphic College of Denmark. He has delivered solutions to a host of different customers, many of which are graphic companies.


Composing Colors


The technical aspects of graphic work have always fascinated him, which resulted in the textbook “Grafisk design”. This book was in 2004 chosen as best textbook of the year in the category specialist books by “Forening for Boghaandværk”. At the same time he got diploma for “Outstanding specialist work”.




The background for writing this book is my project “Triangle Colorscale CMYK GUIDE” and the site The website is more of a vocational school which in simple words explains many technical aspects regarding cmyk colors and offset printing – in highly visual ways.
With the CMYK GUIDE in your hands you have the world’s probably most intuitive reference tool for cmyk colors – printed on paper! Which still is the most secure way to choose colors to be printed in offset. You do not have to buy a color scale to benefit from this book but a lot of the suggestions presented would be easier to work from with the CMYK GUIDE.

Get inspired
On the website you can order the products but you can also get more inspiration for your creative work.
Check out and look for inspiration in the menu.
Some of the descriptions in this book are very brief which is why references to more in-depth material can be found on the website.

Download knowledge
The menu downloads gives you access to knowledge about a lot of aspects regarding printing and color, as for example CIE L* a* b*, Delta E, dot gain, print proof color separations – and many other delicious technical goodies.
The illustrations in this book of course show how I personally function as a graphic designer. Even though your style is different, I am pretty sure you will get a lot of inspiration and work faster – and better – after having read my book.
Enjoy your work with colors!

Kay Werner Schmidt